Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I want to sleep; too bad

I would really like to just go to bed and deal with the flu-shot-induced mini-flu (I am immunosuppressed from chemo stuff so I sort of get the flu with the flu shot) but it looks like a busy afternoon is upon us.  The Apple store called and it is time to take my precious baby, the laptop, in for the logic board operation.  Since they are in a different city I can't really ask dburr to walk there and take it in for me.  Speaking of dburr, he needs some more help with Social Security stuff today.  And I started a cleaning-out project yesterday morning I am going to have to finish because if I don't I really am going to trip over it one night when I am tired and forget it is there.  And the pharmacy needs the new prescription the doc gave me for one of the meds I am not supposed to stop taking suddenly.  I'd hoped they would handle this one with the doc's office over the phone.  Of course, the bottle is empty, now.  Good thing I had hoarded samples so I won't end up in the ER today.

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