Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Purple Blog Temporarily Out Of Commission

LiveJournal is moving their server...to a different state  (from California to Montana)!   So I will be hanging out here for a bit :)


Keera Ann Fox said...

To Montana? Cheaper rent, maybe?

Beep said...

I think you might be right; they talked about more available space to do things...but I also thought they meant space on their system :)

Maybe they think CA is going to burn up from fires, drown in the rising sea, and/or just be swallowed whole from The Big One. I wasn't able to work in drought, flooding, and the landslides, but I'm sure the folks at LJ have all read about those, too.

Which is really too bad because you can get such good dim sum or clam chowder in San Francisco and I don't know what the take-out of choice is in Montana. Guess they will find out after moving there.

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