Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Confessions of a Silly Girl

When my heart is broken, I want to cry. I feel like a good cry will make me feel better. When the tears won't come is when I start to feel something go wrong inside, like blood pressure rising or something-I-don't-know-what. I hate the feeling of being right on the edge of sobbing and...stuck there. For days. "Let it OUT, girl!" I keep saying to myself...and sometimes I also feel like if I could just let it out I would have a better sense of just WHAT has hurt me and how bad the situation is. If only "onion tears" would jumpstart the process; I'd go chop one up right now. Of course, when I am finally able to cry this one out, it will start in some public place where I do not want it to...sigh.


Protege said...

Yes, I recognize the crying in the public place; don't you just hate that?
But I have a very easy time crying; my tears come quickly and I can not hold them back. I cry everywhere over anything. I am very emotional being and I show my feelings, whether is is love by kisses, happiness through laughter, devotion or empathy through embrace or sadness through tears.:)
I loved this post.;)

Beep said...

You are a very nice person and from your blog I see that you bring a lot of sunshine to others :)

I am very emotional as well and I confess that sometimes I wish I weren't !

Anonymous said...

That's when I pull out the sob story movie or book - like Bette Davis in Dark Victory or Black & Blue by Anna Quindlen.

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