Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine Flu Latest

I wanted to cut-and-paste to here (and trim some of the personal yakkity yak out) but I'm really not feeling well and keep making stupid formatting mistakes. So for today please just visit the purple blog.


Protege said...

I am sorry you do not feel well, but I am hoping you can find something positive in the day that will cheer you up.

Beep said...

Actually it was a beautiful day here :) If my camera had not broken I would have proved it! (where IS that warranty? I know I have it! I will show that store!) It was sunny but not hot and there are still a lot of beautiful flowers and green hills (in the summer things get brown here since we go w/out rain for a long time)

And getting good treatment is always wonderful. When you are very sick and then modern medicine makes you better again you get to be like a phoenix :)


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