Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Emergency in Santa Barbara Jesusita Fire

I am safe right now in Santa Maria but many of my friends are not safe at this time. There is a dangerous out of control wildfire in Santa Barbara and many neighborhoods are under mandatory evacuation. I am passing news on to people who can follow me on Twitter; search #jesusitafire for a lot of information from many who are contributing.

Yes, this is very unusual, three terrible fires in SB area w/in a year. Gap Fire, Tea Fire, Jesusita Fire. It is also very unusual for fire season to show up so early in the spring.

As I am writing this, homes are going up in flames. No containment; fire out of control.

Photos from citizens.

People are being asked to evacuate early. Don't wait for knock on the door. Conserve water. Turn water off when evacuating.

Governor has declared state of emergency.
We are getting help coming in from all over the state now.
Governor has asked for FEMA funds.

Prayers requested for my hometown.

Press Releases

SB Independent




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