Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Never Give Up; Never Surrender!

When last visiting Keera's blog, A Roll In The Universe , I saw a very funny video !  Hope Beyoncé doesn't mind the spoof :)  It shows some middle-aged women dancing to one of B.'s tunes, with their own lyrics ;)  Check it out!

One day I am sure these lyrics will apply to me...um, like today, maybe.  I have very few mirrors in my home and I plan on keeping it that way so I won't be quite sure what I look like.  I have a bit more confidence that way.

And I dance, sometimes, when I'm home alone.  With the curtains closed.

  I know I rarely think of what anyone actually looks like; I think of who they ARE, at least who I think they are!  But I also know I'm kind of a ditzy airhead and that a lot of people judge by whether or not one's appearance is close enough to the current ideal.

Hopefully some people can see beauty somewhere within even the sagging soggy waters of aging, and of what life does to us when we are not looking.  I'm never going to give up looking for those people. Or give up dancing, even if only in my dreams.


Zuzana said...

Lovely post and so good to see you back here again.;) I agree on the video, it was hilarious!
I think all of us, me included judge people by their looks initially. It is only instinctive.
But if there is nothing of substance behind a lovely shell, the looks become very quickly obsolete. The other way around, a seemingly plain looking person can grow beautiful in my eyes due to charisma and intellect.
Although physical beauty is something I relish in and find pleasing to the eye, I know beauty fades.
When I look in the mirror these days, every day something else has given in. My legs are not anything I want to show anymore. My skin has lot of sogginess and sun damage. My feet are terrible looking, not to mention my face! My neck is wrinkled, my eyes have lines, and recently, my upper lip is started to wrinkle. And I have given up on keeping slim. It is all going, but luckily and hopefully, I still have other not physical attributes that will only improve with age.;) Just like a good whiskey.;))
Have a great day dear friend,

Beep said...

Zuzana, From your photos I can see that you are one of the most beautiful people I know!!! And from your writing I can see that the beauty is inside as well as outside :) Thank you so much for reading here and commenting. I blog in four places pretty much alone and my few visitors are like precious shining gems :) xo

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