Saturday, November 22, 2008


In my youth, it was "Is there anybody out there?"

Now in adulthood it's "Is there anybody out there, and if so, why don't they sign my guestbook?"

I'm not sure technology advanced so fast so that we could find new ways to feel socially slighted...!

I make jokes about that kind of thing relating to myself.  
But this is no joke.  It is an ongoing and horrifying story.  The part I understand the least is how an adult mother could have played such an active role in tormenting a teen who was not getting along with her own daughter.  I thought moms were supposed to try to help put teen angst into some kind of perspective.

I remember a boy in high school always telling me how lucky I was to be a girl and not have to worry about being called out to fight somebody.  His complaints would always remind me of my own and others' experiences of how cruel the sublimated aggression of girls can be...and for which I did not have the vocabulary or the experience to explain to him.  All I remember replying was a darkly murmured "You just don't understand..."

I knew, because when I was elementary-school age I was often "the new girl" and a popular target.  Having spent years as an emotional punching bag affects me to this day in ways that sometimes surprise me.

When I witness bullying among children, I MAKE it stop.  


Keera Ann Fox said...

I'm here, but for some reason, the RSS feed for your blog isn't working/updating, so I didn't realize this had an update until I clicked through from LJ. (Sneaky advertising, that, Beep!)

Anyway, back to the topic at hand: After reading the linked article, I see it is not an open and shut case. However, I think the mother who created the MySpace fake boy is depraved, no matter how you slice it.

Beep said...

How funny; while you were writing this I was stealing a meme from your blog :)

I didn't mean to advertise anything! LOL! I was just complaining about my total lack of knowledge of real web design. It is probably second nature to you but for me it is something I have not at all had a chance to learn (and I would naturally have to do this at a time when my brain happened to be working instead of lupusing, or else it looks like a bunch of worthless gobbledegook and it is as if I have never seen it before...

As for the article it is just that mother whom I totally cannot understand. What she did seems to me to be something an adult would surely know not to do...

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