Thursday, January 8, 2009


It is definitely not the worst health challenge I've had to deal with in my life. But it's no trip to Disneyland, either.

Peri can be a real pain. Take just the irregular periods (yes take them PLEASE.) No periods for months, and then with no warning, WHAMMO. Embarrassing. There has got to be a better system. Someone please make me an appointment with God to discuss the matter.


Keera Ann Fox said...

I keep wanting to downsize my purse. And then I think, "But what if I have to carry supplies???" Because I can no longer count on my period to show up on or vaguely around the 24th to 27th day of the cycle any more, y'know? Yes, you do. You know.

Beep said...

I do know...! There is this sort of half-complying with fashion, half-complying with the minimalist/decluttering/reducing materialism movements to wear tiny purses. Some of the people I know who also have joint problems, particularly shoulders/back (my shoulder joints were supposed to be replaced over ten years ago! the pain is incredible; osteonecrosis) have been doing this and putting a lot of pressure on the rest of us to do so. The best I could do was to find two of the purses on post-Christmas, pre-Depression 70% or more off sales, and I can use them when I go into stores etc. leaving my Home Base purse or backpack or tote bag in the car! Also when I go for exercise walks I can use the little ones. But if I'm going to be away from home for any significant length of time I'm afraid that with all the medical crap I need to drag around with me now the massive cloth purse I also got on sale after-Christmas is going to get a lot of use. Sigh.

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