Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Birthday, USA!

Photo Credit here


Protege said...

Have a wonderful 4th of July!;))

Keera Ann Fox said...

Ooh, pretty picture! And likewise, Beep!

Beep said...

I must confess that by going to Anime Expo every year I do sometimes miss the traditional 4th BBQ and fireworks viewing...when they had AX in Anaheim we always got to see the Disneyland fireworks. I've looked forward to the fireworks every year since I can remember. Come to think of it, I love Disneyland as well ;) But AX is too big now to fit there, or something!

However, AX is certainly entertaining :) And dburr, an anime expert who should definitely be at AX every year, needs me to find the things he most wants to see and do while he's there. He also says he enjoys my company, bless him.

So this year I got my fireworks fix finding photos for my blogs which are copyright-free ;) And in a big hurry as well, since there wasn't much free time at AX!

Fireworks are actually still legal (although I don't know for how long) in a part of the county in which I live, but I never buy any. I have wonderful memories of going out into the desert and watching my father and his best friend set off fireworks for us. I also remember getting to hold "sparklers" (under strict supervision!) It was fantastic! But I happen to be a klutz; at my age there is no point in denying it. So I don't want to be responsible for things that, with a bit of bad luck, could injure someone or even cause a wildfire here.

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