Wednesday, November 11, 2009

If You Want Abortion In The US To Remain Legal/Safe/Affordable...

then you may want to read this

and then DO this

and check this out as well.

Why? Because abortion rights in this country are very much threatened by the health care bill which has already passed the House of Representatives--one big step on the way to becoming law. It's now the Senate's turn to make their decisions. In other words, time to speak up for what you want asap.

As for me...I'm not fond of abortion...which means I am REALLY not fond of back-alley abortions. I favor keeping the procedure legal and safe and using common-sense means to reduce its use (such as caring about how mothers and children are doing even AFTER the baby is actually born...)

Anyway, the fight is on.

The amusing part is seeing so many diehard penny-wise-pound-foolish antitaxers claiming victory for their pocketbooks because THEY will no longer be paying for any part of women's abortions (those not covered any more by insurance.) As if children didn't cost anything to raise--to their families, but also to the community. Not that I begrudge children their education, etc., but I just have to laugh at these bitter Scrooges who can't add up the pennies properly.

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