Friday, November 13, 2009

Just Some Stuff

Let's see, what will I write, pretty much addressed to my reliable readership of moi today?

I think it's kind of an accomplishment to have blogs on four topics, all mostly unread. Hey we all have to have something to brag about!

Anyway. I was just reading some things in the news:

News...The Plan Is For A Senate Floor Fight On Anti-Choice Coverage In The Health Care Bill

News...Some Preliminary From Sarah Palin's Book

More news...having been sort of hurled into the illness-related world at a young age, I've seen this written up before, but I guess it is STILL the case that men are more likely to leave their wives if their wives become seriously ill than wives are to leave their husbands if their husbands become seriously ill. This study saw the trend with cancer and with MS.

And speaking of illness-related news: it seems being in love helps out with many things, even with physical pain...

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